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        We stock the largest selection of paper carrier bags in the UK. Our paper bags come with twisted paper handles and flat tape handles. We also stock a selection of stock design paper carrier bags with unique patterns and designs. These kraft paper bags are available from our UK warehouse for Next Day Delivery.
        Are you thinking about investing in a new packaging option for your business? If so, you might want to consider paper bags. Here are just some of the advantages and reasons why businesses like yours are now opting for the paper bag.


        Paper bags have become associated with upmarket businesses and shops. It’s unclear how or when this happened, but now when customers see a paper bag, they immediately think of a store that provides luxurious or high-quality items. This could be connected to the new level of social responsibility attached to paper bags and indeed the focus that customers have put here. It may also be due to the fact that a number of high profile upmarket businesses have leapt onto the paper bag trend and not looked back.

        Socially Responsible

        Companies are now leaning towards being socially responsible rather than purely profit focused. This has again been due to demand from customers to deliver something more and paper bags as part of the eco-friendly movement. Due to their eco-friendliness and biodegradable design, these bags are considered to be a bold and bright choice by businesses. It can even give your business the appearance of a company that consumers can trust. This does tie into the next big benefit.

        Save The Planet

        As already mentioned with paper bags, you are making the green, eco-friendly choice. Customers are incredibly focused on this concept right now and will often reward businesses that show they are committed to going green. Paper bags can act like a subtle ad campaign that your company is focused on the challenges of the future and helping the planet.

        Make An Impression

        As well as being associated with upmarket businesses, paper bags come in a range of different colours, shades and styles. You can even get paper bags with different patterns and these can be chosen to perfectly match the brand profile of your business. Alternatively, you can use paper bags and their unique design options to create a signature look for your business packaging. You can ensure that when customers see a shopping bag being carried around town, they know it came from your business in a subtle, stylish way.

        A Modern Look

        Paper bags are also a modern trend. So, if you want to make sure your business looks like it’s ahead of the curve or at least in the loop, this is going to be a great choice. You’ll be able to make sure that customers see your business as a company that is on trend and stylish. This could lead to higher levels of foot traffic for the typical store.

        Are you interested in ordering paper bags for your retail store or business? Make sure you check out our full range right now to find the perfect style and design for your brand.
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